The town of Revelstoke has a rich history in the growth of British Columbia, and is a pinnacle of West coast living for many Canadians and visitors alike. Founded in the 1880s, Revelstoke came to fruition during a time when the Canadian Pacific Railway was still being built, and furs were being traded across the Columbia River. Fast forward to current times, and the town is now one of the largest power generators in the province, thanks to the Revelstoke Dam.

Revelstoke is a nature lover's dream come true; it's not only surrounded by the beautiful Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges of southeast BC, but is also a key location for extreme sports and adventure. The natural landscape offers experiences of epic proportions, sure to satisfy any outdoor lover. Home to the highest vertical in North America, you'll enjoy the thrill of heli skiing, the mighty force of the Columbia River, a multitude of mountain bike trails carved into the mountainscape, golf course, and soon, the infamous Cabot Links Golf Course.

Cloaked by natural beauty, the landscape of the Revelstoke area that envelops this site is rich with nature's splendour, and surrounded by majestic trees and breathtaking mountain views.

We listed the 10 things to love Revelstoke. Take a look and fall as much in love with this city as we did.

This is what living in Revelstoke looks like.