Our homes are fully upgraded, so you don't have to worry about whether you can afford this or that upgrade. All our homes come with features that would normally be sold as upgrades, such as quartz countertops, infloor heat in the bathrooms and entrance area, or cooling for those hot summer days. 

Delve into interior enhancements such as LED-lit closets, comforting floor heating, elegant glass showers, and more! Your townhouse is ready to be transformed into your dream home! This amazing property features a separate area that can be used for guests, older kids, or as a home office. 

Customization options

For each home choose from at least two beautiful interior colour schemes focused on a minimalist Scandinavian design, mixed with neutral natural colours to blend beautifully into our Revelstoke mountainous backgrounds. From countertops to light fixtures, these colour palettes have been mindfully handpicked for the perfect modern mountain home.

From top to bottom, these homes are of the highest quality, and they're absolutely amazing! Walk into these open-concept homes and feel the same freshness indoors as you do from the exterior! Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, from lighting to handles and a full set of ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. 

These homes are move-in ready and will exceed your expectations! You'll be amazed to discover all the incredible details that are standard for Stokedliving homes and that no other developer offers! These include fully insulated interior walls and solid core doors for additional soundproofing within the house. We've got you covered with air conditioning, so you can enjoy restful sleep even on the hottest days!


Now let's get into the fun stuff, upgrades! There aren't any. Why? Because we strive to be transparent from the outset. Once you have chosen a stokedliving home you simply know it is high quality all the way.

Our kitchen come with quartz countertops and high-end cabinets, the bathrooms have the same style vanities with quartz countertops. We have in floor heat at all the spots where it adds extra creature comfort such as the bathroom and the entrance. But remember your home is super energy efficient so we have to be mindful of how much heating we add. All our homes come with wall hung toilets – a feature that you normally only find in absolute high-end homes. Come and explore all the other larger and smaller upgrades such as LED lighting in closets glass showers and more. Cooling for those hot summer days? Included as well. Complete landscaping? You probably guessed it by now – is included as well.


A haven of serenity and style nestled amidst pristine snowscapes. 

This exclusive interior design package offers a home with a white, clean, and refreshing aesthetic, mirroring the untouched beauty of snow-covered mountains. Embrace the elegance of a cozy sanctuary with our thoughtfully curated design, creating a tranquil retreat within your own abode.
Welcome to a world where the allure of snow-capped peaks meets the comfort of home – Mountain Chic awaits!


Where timeless alpine charm meets contemporary elegance.

This exclusive interior design package seamlessly blends the rustic allure of alpine aesthetics with the sleek sophistication of black shaker style cabinets, hardware, and faucets. Immerse yourself in the harmonious balance of cozy alpine living and modern flair, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere for your home.
Elevate your living experience with the perfect fusion of natural beauty and sleek design – Alpine Retreat awaits you.

Take a look at some of our favorite parts of these homes:


All kitchens come with the very best in stainless-steel appliances, plenty of counter space and a modern appearance. Discover the solid plywood cabinets that are precision-built with durability in mind! And they're also equipped with soft-close hinges and slides, so you can enjoy a seamless, silent experience! Elevate your space with the best quality that lasts! The quartz countertops are the perfect finishing touch, offering plenty of storage and easy-to-clean surfaces. The large, beautiful windows offer a breathtaking view of the mountains or the kids outside while you prepare your meals or clean up. 


We're so excited to show you how luxury can be redefined in our sustainable homes with our high-end fixtures and finishes! Elevate your space with eco-conscious design and exquisite details tailored for modern living. We've even included wall-hung toilets in every bathroom to complement the sleek design. All of our showers come with glass doors, which combine style and functionality in a way that adds a touch of modern elegance to any space. All of our vanities match our kitchen cabinets and come with quartz countertops to complement the sleek design and durability of the entire home.

Don't let your nerves get the better of you! And there's more! Our bathrooms come with heated floors, not just in the bathroom, but in the entry hallway as well! And the best part is, all of this is included at no extra cost!


Keep the mess where it's made! Laundry facilities right near your bedrooms are designed so you don't need to lug dirty clothing around the house. Front load modern washers and dryers are installed in all homes on the second floor for your convenience. Efficiency and functionality are at the forefront for stokedliving. All laundry machines are ENERGY STAR rated.


Unlock the full potential of your home with our exclusive main floor guest area in every home. These spaces are perfect for visitors, family and friends, or even as a home office! They offer versatility and convenience, making your life easier.

Our design enhances the functionality and value of your property in so many ways! Whether you're simply dividing out your space or providing accommodations for guests, our design is there to make your life easier and your property more valuable. Embrace flexible living with ease in your new home!