How do we achieve that homes are net zero ready?

We use a factory built wall system that meets net zero requirements. Our walls have a very high insulation value at R40. Our walls are insulated with cellulose & hardwood fibre board – both recycled products. Not only do they provide great insulation, sound proof-ness and fire resistance, they are also basically chemical free.

Our siding is maintenance free for decades. We only use the best windows money can buy. Premium European triple pane windows that are certified to the Passive House Standard – the highest energy standard in the world.

Of course, we stand behind our quality work and all homes come with New Home Warranty of 2,5 & 10 years. We build our houses in a controlled environment and rapidly deploy them at the construction site. This reduces waste, timelines and of course also increases build quality.

We offer Solar panels for each house to achieve a full Zero Net Property through Paradigm Solar. How would you feel if you would never have to pay an electrical bill again? 

Paradigm Building Solutions Wall Panels are unmatched! Throughout the life of a stokedliving home it will only use 10% of the energy a traditional home would need. This is due to the zero compromises in materials and machine manufacturing precision reduces your heating and air conditioning costs.

Check out our Internorm Tilt & Turn windows! Great for homeowners who prioritize energy efficiency and want to reduce their energy bills. These windows are designed to seal tightly when closed, preventing air leaks and reducing heat loss, which can save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Globally, solar energy reigns as the most cost-efficient energy source, outperforming all others in terms of cost efficiency. It also has minimal environmental impact and occupies no additional land when installed on rooftops.